How to tell the story of your startup or product by producing an effective video.



I was recently contacted by organizers of Iran Web Festival to write a piece about producing introductory videos for startups. After writing and producing so many of them by working with Grumo Media (watch some of the videos below and here) I … Continue reading

United Bank for Africa – Demo Video Produced at Grumo Media



STORY:  UBA or United Bank for Africa is Africa’s global bank and they have a new product called U-mobile which is essentially your bank on your mobile. Using their apps users can do most of their banking on their phones 24/7. CHALLENGE: … Continue reading

How to impress Kevin O’Leary in a minute.


Meeting Kevin O'Leary at Pan Pacific Hotel in Vancouver on Nov 24th, 2012

One minute is enough time to impress anyone you meet. This could be by telling them about yourself or your business. But how about telling them about themselves or their business. That’s what we did, we produced a one minute … Continue reading

Classrooms by Walmart Demo Videos Produced at Grumo Media



STORY:  Classrooms by Walmart is an awesome new tool that helps parents and teachers connect and communicate to ensure kids have everything they need for school. Teachers simply create their list online and email it to parents. On the other hand … Continue reading

StreamBase – LiveView – Demo Video Produced at Grumo Media



STORY:  StreamBase LiveView is an advance analytic platform that allows users to analyze, anticipate and act in real time. Traders and Sales people can find out about great sales opportunities or even receive alerts in suspicious events. It’s almost like Twitter meets Stock Market … Continue reading

Transformers 3 – at Digital Domain produced by Paramount Pictures



PROJECT: Transformers III, Paramount Pictures USA. Jun 29th, 2011 COMPANY: Digital Domain, Vancouver CANADA Returning to the Transformers franchise for a third time, Digital Domain developed, created and animated new characters including ‘Laserbeak,’ ‘Brains’ and an army of Decepticon soldiers called ‘protoforms,’ as … Continue reading

Thor – at Digital Domain produced by Marvel Studios



PROJECT: THOR, Marvel Studios USA. May 6th, 2011 COMPANY: Digital Domain, Vancouver CANADA For Marvel’s epic adventure, Digital Domain gave Thor an icy environment to conquer and frosty beasts to vanquish. Under the guidance of VFX supervisor Kelly Port, Digital Domain teams … Continue reading

Tron Legacy – at Digital Domain produced by Walt Disney



PROJECT: TRON, Walt Disney USA. Dec 17, 2010 COMPANY: Digital Domain, Vancouver CANADA TRON: Legacy began as a 3D concept prototype, envisioned by Disney’s Sean Bailey, producer Steven Lisberger and director Joseph Kosinski, and realized by Digital Domain. The now-famous short helped get … Continue reading

Twilight Eclipse – at Image Engine produced by Summit Entertainment



PROJECT: Twilight Eclipse, Summit Entertainment USA. Jun 30th, 2010 COMPANY: Image Engine, Vancouver CANADA It all began during the summer of 2009, when Visual Effects Supervisor Kevin Tod Haug introduced Image Engine to David Slade, Director of the third installment in the Twilight feature film franchise. … Continue reading

The Losers – at Image Engine produced by Warner Bros



PROJECT: The Losers, Warner Bros USA. Apr 23th, 2010 COMPANY: Image Engine, Vancouver CANADA Vancouver, BC, CANADA April 26, 2010 — Image Engine has provided visual effects for the highly anticipated DC Entertainment comic book property The Losers. The team worked closely with … Continue reading

Percy Jackson – at Technicolor and MPC produced by 20th Century Fox



PROJECT: Percy Jackson, 20 Century Fox USA. Feb 12th, 2010 COMPANY: MPC – Technicolor, Vancouver CANADA Christopher Columbus has directed ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians; The Lightning Thief’ for Twentieth Century Fox.  MPC Vancouver provided a range of visual effects and post production work … Continue reading

Murphy’s Law – VFS final project in 3D Animation based on a true story



STORY:  Since I moved to Vancouver back in 2004 I was planning to go to VFS. I had already taken an 18 months animation course back in Iran during which I was exposed to different animation techniques and styles including … Continue reading

Canton Car Wash – Demo Videos Produced at Grumo Media


STORY:  Canton Car Wash is a high end facility with affordable services. They want to make sure their customers cars stay clean and away from those naughty birds. That is why they have an unlimited wash plan which only costs $40 a … Continue reading

Saints and Slimmers – Demo Video Produced at Grumo Media


STORY:  Saints and Slimmers is on a mission to help people lose their extra pounds and maintain their weight. They provide custom made healthy diet plans for their users that actually taste good and they even deliver food products to their homes. They … Continue reading

Quandora – Demo Video Produced at Grumo Media


STORY:  Quandora is a super simple to use question and answer based software that helps organizations in all sizes share and manage their knowledge. Quandora’s platform can help companies in many different ways. For example if an experienced employee leaves the … Continue reading

NiceMeeting – Demo Video Produced at Grumo Media


STORY:  NiceMeeting is a great platform which helps conference attendees engage and interact with presentations or speakers on their own personal devices. It runs on all browsers and can work with any device while connected to the local WIFI network. … Continue reading

Glocal – Demo Video Produced at Grumo Media


STORY:  Glocal is the easiest way to find, watch and share news videos online. It makes is super easy to find the news you actually care about. With Glocal you are able to watch both national and local news videos from … Continue reading

LinkedIn and why it matters to you.


Latest data coming from LinkedIn shows that the social network for professionals has grown and it is actually a viable business within social media and internet technology companies. LinkedIn stock also started to soar right after they released reports of … Continue reading